Autumn approaches…

As September approaches the commission book starts to fill…plenty to keep me busy through to November at the moment but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a painting in mind!

This beach scene was painted for a client recently using their own photos as reference, it’s a beautiful way to capture a moment in time or a favourite place.


Although things are not quite back to normal these days, commissions continue to come in (thank goodness!) and my time is spent between these and general studio work.

Aerial surfer pieces are in high demand, this diptych was commissioned earlier this season as well as another a large pair of aerial paintings for a stunning new apartment.

Summer 2020

With July came the easing of lock down and the return of holiday makers to my little corner of the world, I’m not going to say it was a shock to the system but …

Still, the influx of visitors brings new commissions and the lock down paintings have been very well received! … In fact the little aerial surfers sold so quickly I have already had commissions to do more from people who missed out on the others! There will certainly be more in the pipeline as well as more ocean surface studies.

Lockdown life

Well no one could have foreseen this craziness!

luckily we managed to get the last flight out of Liberia airport for the foreseeable future…

Back at home on lockdown I feel even more grateful than usual to live in this beautiful part of the world and also guilty at the same time to have such space at my fingertips when some are experiencing the hardest of times.

As you can imagine, being an artist is quite suited to lockdown life, plenty of time to catch up on commissions and get started on some Costa Rica inspired work too…

I took a series of underwater photos while away to work from when back in the studio…here’s the first ‘swimmer I’

On the easel at the moment is a commission of Woolacombe and there is a Costa Rica aerial in the pipeline so stay tuned for those!!

March Tropical Travels

So this year, March brings quite dramatic change as well as my trip to Costa Rica!

Wild coastlines stretch for hundreds of miles lined with palm trees and littered with sun bleached drift wood. It’s impossible not to find inspiration.

I had a beautiful terrace to set up a little studio overlooking the jungle canopy with views to the ocean and with regular monkey visitors….truly paradise.

Even in the dry season foliage is impressive, giant banana palm leaves and palm fronds of all types rustling in the breeze…

I also made good use of the drone and made some studies using the footage while I was there, I love the sea, sand and palm line from above. The ultimate escape shot!

The colours of the ocean, the waves cresting and breaking on the shore, can’t wait to get some studio pieces on the go.

Then Covid-19 arrived ….

Winter time

Winter time is my busy painting season!

Most of my commissions are undertaken during the winter months and this year has not been an exception! As well as ocean surface studies I have had many Woolacombe based paintings going out.

Woolacombe is a beautiful part of the coastline and I never tire of painting it. Different angles and views, wet sand reflecting the sky and every kind of weather and sea state affect them and so no two days are the same.

Drone work

Perfect weather for a drone flight!…I am not a fan of noisy intrusive fly spies but I do love the images they capture. Places that you know so well, easily recognised but abstracted purely by the point of view.

I am looking forward to getting some fantastic wild coastline shots when I am away in Costa Rica later in the year. Plenty of inspiration for future paintings so watch this space!

Latest commission piece

Here is my latest commissioned painting. It measures 5ft x 3ft and was an absolute joy to paint!

I love to use palette knife to create texture and layers in the foreground in conjunction with a smooth tranquil sky. Happily the family who wanted this view of Lundy Island are really pleased with it and couldn’t wait to get it on the wall!

All commissions are considered so please just get in touch 🙂


pursuing my love of the sea, I am creating 12″ x 12″ canvasses purely showing the reflection and refraction of light on the surface of the ocean. This intense sparkle is both a challenge to capture but also a very eye catching focal point once the piece is hung!

Here it is as a work in progress…

surface sparkle painting on the easel by Jo Allum


March 2020

Having a trip planned is always a good thing! Costa Rica is the destination for March with its miles of wild palm fringed coastline and warm surf there will be no end of opportunity to inspire and evolve my work.