Although things are not quite back to normal these days, commissions continue to come in (thank goodness!) and my time is spent between these and general studio work.

Aerial surfer pieces are in high demand, this diptych was commissioned earlier this season as well as another a large pair of aerial paintings for a stunning new apartment.

Latest commission piece

Here is my latest commissioned painting. It measures 5ft x 3ft and was an absolute joy to paint!

I love to use palette knife to create texture and layers in the foreground in conjunction with a smooth tranquil sky. Happily the family who wanted this view of Lundy Island are really pleased with it and couldn’t wait to get it on the wall!

All commissions are considered so please just get in touch 🙂


pursuing my love of the sea, I am creating 12″ x 12″ canvasses purely showing the reflection and refraction of light on the surface of the ocean. This intense sparkle is both a challenge to capture but also a very eye catching focal point once the piece is hung!

Here it is as a work in progress…

surface sparkle painting on the easel by Jo Allum