March Tropical Travels

So this year, March brings quite dramatic change as well as my trip to Costa Rica!

Wild coastlines stretch for hundreds of miles lined with palm trees and littered with sun bleached drift wood. It’s impossible not to find inspiration.

I had a beautiful terrace to set up a little studio overlooking the jungle canopy with views to the ocean and with regular monkey visitors….truly paradise.

Even in the dry season foliage is impressive, giant banana palm leaves and palm fronds of all types rustling in the breeze…

I also made good use of the drone and made some studies using the footage while I was there, I love the sea, sand and palm line from above. The ultimate escape shot!

The colours of the ocean, the waves cresting and breaking on the shore, can’t wait to get some studio pieces on the go.

Then Covid-19 arrived ….

Winter time

Winter time is my busy painting season!

Most of my commissions are undertaken during the winter months and this year has not been an exception! As well as ocean surface studies I have had many Woolacombe based paintings going out.

Woolacombe is a beautiful part of the coastline and I never tire of painting it. Different angles and views, wet sand reflecting the sky and every kind of weather and sea state affect them and so no two days are the same.


March 2020

Having a trip planned is always a good thing! Costa Rica is the destination for March with its miles of wild palm fringed coastline and warm surf there will be no end of opportunity to inspire and evolve my work.